Popup Arcade


The Popup Arcade offers a unique experience by renting out and delivering arcade games to breweries, company events, and even school dances.

Desktop and mobile comp images


Role:Lead Designer and Front-End DeveloperTools:Figma, Photoshop, IllustratorTech:Gatsby, Netlify

This was a fairly large project since the Popup Arcade did not have any sort of branding, and so I was tasked with creating the brand. I drew my inspiration from 80's movies and posters, and chose fun neon colors for the logo and branding. For several of the brewery events, I created promotional gifs based on popular arcade games with fun callouts to the breweries themselves. I used this site as a learning opportunity, and built it using the Gatsby headless CMS in the Netlify platform. This was my first foray into a react framework, and I have since used it for my own personal projects.

Popup Arcade style guide
Game rentals detail page
Custom Swamp Rabbit Galaga gif featuring lots of carrots
Custom Modern Hops gif featuring a beer one up